Odd one out


Somehow, we got to the point where pollution levels have reached such a high that the Delhi government had to fix days for odd and even numbered license plates.What does that mean?

Well, the proposed rule specifies that w.e.f 1st January 2016, on odd dates, license plates ending with an odd number can ply the roads (from 8 am to 8 pm) and on even dates, license plates ending with an even number can ply the roads. This rule is presently on a trial basis, for the next few days, in Delhi.

The government has taken sufficient measures to try and provide citizens with adequate support by trying to increase the number of private buses on the roads during this period. If this trial period proves positive, chances are this might turn permanent.

A corporate lawyer from Mumbai feels that the rule is definitely a boon considering all the given factors however, if the state government can’t provide the additional (and required) infrastructure in terms of good public transport while incorporating policies such as this, then the rule is as good as bad governance.

If this is implemented in cities across the country though, what will happen? Will families now strive to have cars that sport one odd and one even number license plate?

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