And Now This; Ask Arvi – A Portal That’s Set To Make Insurance Fun!


The end of the (financial) year is coming soon, (again). And now’s the time a bunch of us are probably going to run around looking for the right kind of tax-saving investment options. At this time, insurance does turn out to be an optimal choice for most.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve been behind when it comes to my personal money management tasks. And since it’s the weekend, I thought about browsing through for some interesting investment options (to save tax, you see).

I’m not sure if it was fate or pure coincidence but a Facebook friend of a friend shared this interesting page and a few clicks later, I came across

I’ve spent the last many hours browsing banks and financial websites for various insurance options and one thing that came to mind was that most of them had the same old mundane, boring format.

Although seems to be ‘coming soon’, I’m already eager to see the full-service website and read more about what makes them unique, different and the next go-to place for all things insurance.


Simply because it definitely seems like this is going to be a fun mall for everything insurance! And we do like malls, don’t we?

I’m going to try and talk to the founder(s) to find out more, in the meantime, let’s wait a little more to ask arvi!

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