5 interesting ways to get some Monday inspiration



#Mondays are not often loved.

But here’s the deal, what if we could tell you that there are interesting ways to utilize your weekend to build up some excitement for the soon-to-arrive Monday?

For instance,

Keep an exciting social task for Monday

So what if it’s the start of the new week? One of the reasons you probably love your Friday nights is because you have planned to go out for a movie or a dinner! Keep an exciting task or activity planned for Monday, so that you have something that you are eagerly going to look forward to.

Go shopping!

Who said shopping should only be done on Saturdays / Sundays? How about using your weekend to actually catch up on rest and keep some of your tasks like shopping for new clothes for Monday! Get off work early, hop on to the nearest mall and get cracking! After some retail therapy, you are bound to feel so much better about Monday!

Cook something interesting

You probably love weekends more because you get more time to cook something fancy for the family. But why can’t the weekdays be just as good? Look for a new recipe and cook something out-of-the-box on Monday to add some ‘spice’ to the new week!

Wear a new top!

Now the thing is, Mondays are dreaded by majority because it signals the beginning of the new week! How about ensuring that you always have something to look forward to when the new week begins? Fall in love with the next Monday by planning to wear a brand new top, or brand new shoes to work. If you are a #workfromhome employee or taking a break from work, still try on something new to make your Monday better!

Do something you like

A lot of people are passionate about something or the other but don’t get time to fully pursue their passion. Mondays can be dreadful, but they really don’t have to be! Make a list of things you enjoy doing, like going on long drives or writing a poem or watching movies and keep some time aside every Monday to pursue one of these activities on your list. You’ll automatically enjoy your day and may even start liking Mondays!

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5 reasons why every company should have a ‘work from home’ day

work from home

#Workfromhome is fast turning into a prominent work culture for different reasons across the world. Several professionals across an array of sectors have already started showing an increased preference to #workfromhome as an option.

Some professionals in certain industries may opt to #workfromhome when they work for companies that don’t have local offices where they are currently based, others may opt to do so because they have prior family commitments that are easier to take care of if they are around the house, yet working.

Now imagine a scenario whereby most companies adopt a #workfromhome day in the week or a few in the month.

Would it make employees more motivated or productive?

This is how we think it could turn out to be quite a beneficial move.

Provides Flexibility
Choosing to #workfromhome or to work remotely while still taking care of certain pending home tasks can give employees the flexibility to take care of several things at once. Moreover there could be several times when a certain employees is feeling slightly ‘under the weather’; but that doesn’t mean they can’t work at all that particular day. Maybe a #workfromhome day could ensure they continue their work without getting a ‘sick leave’ cut.

In some circumstances, #workingfromhome while taking care of the kids can create the right ecosystem for working mothers too.

Perfect for Summer break
The children get summers off, but working parents don’t!
If companies start providing working couples with children one #workfromhome day, imagine the joy for the kids!

  • Who said it was not possible to work and play?! With technology and new age apps like Skype and WhatsApp, you can coordinate with your work team, no matter where you are.

Creates a perfect balance
Too many working couples struggle to find quality time together. Work timings in the corporate sector are always hectic. Instead of running out of energy and just coming home to eat and sleep, one #workfromhome day can also help create the perfect work-life balance, a much needed feature considering the growing rates of inter personal problems on the rise, especially in metros.

Boosts motivation
Gone are the days when just an increment could make employees happy. The younger workforce now look for various other factors when looking for jobs. Distance, growth, company history and a lot more matter besides the final pay.

So motivating this new age workforce means going the extra mile. The need of the hour is for companies to create a better infrastructure to support better lifestyles and one #workfromhome day could help them do so!

Increased productivity
Working on your office desk or at your cubicle doesn’t necessarily make one productive. The usual norm in Indian companies has always been ‘to keep an eye on employees’. But this is a thing of the past. The more you come forward to support employees in today’s time, the likelier they are going to be to put in more efforts at the workplace and this leads to increased productivity on the whole.

So what do you think about this? Would you like a couple of #workfromhome days in the month? If so, how many? Let’s start the debate.

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Dear Nirbhaya, we can’t be sorry enough.

It was on a cold December morning sometime in 2012 that I read the horrifying headlines in the morning edition of the Times of India that day. A girl not much unlike me had endured one of the most brutal rape attacks, ever.(source)


news article
At the time of the incident that I speak of, I lived in Kanpur, an industrial city in one of my country’s most corrupted States, a State that also boasts of high numbers of crimes against women.


My morning routine consisted of sipping on my usual brew of tea and devouring the morning news, only on that day; the news brought me to shame.
The horrific gangrape of that girl, tore me apart.


The story spoke of how the heartless attackers forced an iron rod into young Jyoti’s insides and every bit of the news piece made me hate my countrymen more and more. The constant updates later on of how strong she was but how bad she was faring in hospital made me angrier and shamed. 



Young girls and women go through a lot of tough times in their homes and outside of it too the world over, more so maybe in middle eastern countries and India, yet given the rising numbers, not everyone gets the right kind of help.


The general sense that women are a liability is a strong force here and the small percentage of our urban crowds that don’t adhere to this thought does not represent India’s true colours and as a 21st century woman, this deepens me sadly, everyday. 


We are largely failing as a country and its scary to see how far we’ve fallen. It was only very recently that rape laws were re looked at in India. Hundreds of women still face crimes related to different kinds of abuse and spend years grappling for justice in court, that’s if they ever do summon the courage to do something about it in the first place. A country that encourages its women not to speak of their troubles after-all forces them to live through conditions that aren’t worthy of humans beings.


I love my country and I’m happy to have been born here. But as a people, I don’t think we are doing enough. These convicts will hang, or will they? But does that mean that I can walk on the streets anytime I want, feeling safe?


No, not yet.


Because not enough is being done for crimes against women to come to a full stop.


We have never treated our women with respect. The general sense has always been to regard them as objects, as the ones who will run the home and take care of the kids and no matter what the Chetan Bhagat’s of the world say, the extent of the urban population that does not follow so is too little to compare with regards a population of over a billion.


The debate is not about modern values versus traditions. It’s about the wrong notion that was built in the minds of the people over time. A race that can’t take care of each other is bound to be doomed, don’t you think so?


You don’t make me feel safe.  I still have to worry about where I go and how I’ll commute back. This is not my fault, it’s yours. 


And India, it’s time to fix it.


A crime against one of us is a crime against all of us.  I stand with Nirbhaya’s spirit and I hope that we don’t allow another one of us to go through this again. Once wasn’t fair and once is more than enough.


Yet, the crimes continue. It did before and its happening again and again. And the blame game goes on and on as does the debate between whose to really blame.


But let me end by saying one last thing,


As a potential mother-of-the-future, I worry about the world I would have to raise a girl child in, if I had to. Isn’t that a terribly sad thing to say?
dear baby girl


Dear convicts,
I don’t think the death penalty will make you repent what you did. What I do hope though is that you and everyone else like you gets back ten times multiplied by a zillion the amount of torture you made her go through.


RIP Jyoti.
I’m sorry you had to go through what you did. 


I can only hope we rise together now. I’ll try to do my bit. Will you?
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