5 interesting ways to get some Monday inspiration



#Mondays are not often loved.

But here’s the deal, what if we could tell you that there are interesting ways to utilize your weekend to build up some excitement for the soon-to-arrive Monday?

For instance,

Keep an exciting social task for Monday

So what if it’s the start of the new week? One of the reasons you probably love your Friday nights is because you have planned to go out for a movie or a dinner! Keep an exciting task or activity planned for Monday, so that you have something that you are eagerly going to look forward to.

Go shopping!

Who said shopping should only be done on Saturdays / Sundays? How about using your weekend to actually catch up on rest and keep some of your tasks like shopping for new clothes for Monday! Get off work early, hop on to the nearest mall and get cracking! After some retail therapy, you are bound to feel so much better about Monday!

Cook something interesting

You probably love weekends more because you get more time to cook something fancy for the family. But why can’t the weekdays be just as good? Look for a new recipe and cook something out-of-the-box on Monday to add some ‘spice’ to the new week!

Wear a new top!

Now the thing is, Mondays are dreaded by majority because it signals the beginning of the new week! How about ensuring that you always have something to look forward to when the new week begins? Fall in love with the next Monday by planning to wear a brand new top, or brand new shoes to work. If you are a #workfromhome employee or taking a break from work, still try on something new to make your Monday better!

Do something you like

A lot of people are passionate about something or the other but don’t get time to fully pursue their passion. Mondays can be dreadful, but they really don’t have to be! Make a list of things you enjoy doing, like going on long drives or writing a poem or watching movies and keep some time aside every Monday to pursue one of these activities on your list. You’ll automatically enjoy your day and may even start liking Mondays!

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